How To Benefit By Using Interest-Free Bank Money


 Bank lends money to interest and offer credit for all sorts of purposes, for this, customers charge extra on the amount of capital funded. But how can you use the bank’s money without having to pay interest on it? Interest-free bank money! Is there any banking benefit I can use without having to pay interest? Of course you do!

If you are wanting to borrow money fast, no bureaucracy and do not have many alternatives at your disposal, getting a short term loan may be the easiest way to solve your problem with financial resources. While many seek to avoid this type of fast loan in the bank, a good part uses and benefits from the advantages that the institutions provide for some clients.

A great sage wrote “Less interest, Less trouble”. Currently you can avail banking services that put money at your disposal and you virtually do not pay for interest on the loan. Let’s see what they are:


1 – Bank Personal Credit Limit :


1 - Bank Personal Credit Limit :


Overdraft, Withdrawal Limit, Easy Limit – No matter how your bank calls the special check, what matters is whether you can use interest-free grace periods between 1 day and 20 days free, check with your bank.


2 – Credit Card :

2 - Credit Card :

I have said that credit card when properly used is a secret weapon in your budget. Every card actually lends you the cash advance so that you can pay up to 40 days free, no interest or surcharge. Paying the bill on the day of winning will make the card be your best friend, and not pay your worst nightmare.


3 – Lack of Personal Loan :


3 - Lack of Personal Loan :


Not many offers, but when the client appears to have up to 60 days for the first installment of the loan or personal loan, just be aware whether or not this will be charged to you with interest, if not have an increase go ahead.


4 – Free lot:

4 - Free lot:


To get more customers, banks and financiers offer a free installment if the loan is paid on time, there are no delays or debits in the current account.


5 – Minor term :


5 - Minor term :


One of the modalities with the cheapest rates in the market also offers benefits, a common operation is to offer the client ex: 58 or 59 installments instead of 60, in this case check if the value of the lesser term, the balance released and interest, corresponds to that of the competing bank in the larger portion.

In short, if you are trying to find a fast, easy way to get money from interest-free banks and still be benefited with discounts on installments or fees, check with your bank or your lender what type of operation offers these possibilities. It is worth remembering that the overdraft used during the grace period can be a great bargaining chip.