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Problem with Paying off Payday Loans? Provident will Help in a Difficult Situation

Provident has just introduced the first non-bank consolidation loan enabling, for example, paying back outstanding debts.

The popularity of the waiting time has led to almost everyone reaching for it. Starting from those who have some financial problems, by people who lacked on current needs such as paying bills. For people who do not complain about the lack of cash, but because they planned to buy some things more or less needed, and also reached for a small loan from a momentary company.


Unfortunately, as in the case of bank loans, in the case of payday loans, not everyone repays their liabilities on time. Some just have problems with paying off such obligations, especially if they have taken a few payday loans at the same time. In the case of banking services such as cash loans or limits in the account, banks often propose a consolidation loan in such situations. It is a combination of several loans into one with one lower installment.

What if there are a few loans to pay off or we have a problem with paying off the payday loans?

Most people in such a situation, because of not good history at BIK, can not count on the bank’s help. What then in this situation? Is there help from non-bank companies? Until now, it did not exist, but recently Provident took matters into his own hands. In addition to the traditional monthly installment loan, he has proposed something like a consolidation loan in recent weeks. In short – a non-bank counterpart of consolidation loan.

PROVIDENT loans for repayment of payday loans

As part of a consolidation loan, Provident allows you to get a loan to repay payday loans or other non-bank loans, but not more than PLN 8,000. The repayment period is then spread over 45 or 60 weeks. In this way, we obtain a long repayment period that will enable us to pay off all our current financial obligations.

A consolidation loan that can solve our problem with payday loans is available in two options: Home (with repayment of loan installments with us in the apartment) and Transfer (allowing repayment of the loan by bank transfer, so in bank, post office or online). I would not recommend the home option due to the high costs, but the Transfer option is an option worth considering if we do not have to count on a bank loan.