Banks create More Credit Analysis Company



Banks come together to create another credit analysis company . This was the information recently released by Febraban. In Brazil we are already accustomed as the countless companies that evaluate and say whether or not we can get credit, loans, have credit card, make financing and this whole issue that involves the release of money from term loans in financial institutions.

We have in the Tupiniquins lands, the Experian Serasa, SCPC, SPC, Equifax and many others known and not known. Not to mention the famous and hidden blacklists that supposedly many say exist for various purposes, but no one can prove they are real.


What is Credit Analysis?


Credit analysis according to wikipedia is ” the time at which the assigning agent will assess the borrower’s potential for return, as well as the risks inherent in the grant. This procedure is also carried out in order to be able to identify the clients who may not meet their obligations in the future, thus creating a situation of cash risk to the organization. “

In recent years Serasa Experian has remained a legitimate leader as the information provider of the vast majority, if not all Brazilian banks and credit institutions in this country. The informed news says that Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa Econômica Federal, Itaú Unibanco and Santander will form a group to create an analysis company to manage “credit intelligence”.


analise de crédito em bancos

The creation of this manager should allow the banking sector and other credit institutions to improve their capacity to analyze, evaluate and manage their loan, loan and financing portfolios. The analysis of credit capacity involves registrations of both individuals and legal entities.

The idea is fresh, so an ambitious and sophisticated project like this does not go overnight, the “banking group” estimates that it will be necessary for the completion of the new credit analysis firm , at least four years to do all structure and include the data (registers) that enable the operation to start operating.

We have now seen the creation of the Positive Register, which seems to have not worked very well, in which the consumer citizen informed certain data to validate the registration. According to Febraban, the new credit analysis manager will need the prior authorization of the clients, in this way the financial institutions will pass the registration data and credit of individuals and legal entities to the intelligence manager.

This will undoubtedly be one more way to create specific, selected customer profiles by joining the dozens of other existing forms. The impression is that this company will be a direct competitor to Serasa Experian and SPC Brazil, since it is not just a simple register of defaulters and defaulters – these types of companies generate millions of reais in annual profits.

The most interesting is that famous litany as always, Febraban added that the new credit analysis company may consequently improve credit analysis and management and thereby reduce the spread (the difference between the rate of fundraising by banks and the collection of customers), delinquency and over-indebtedness of customers.

Now, who does not know that this difference is almost never passed on to ordinary customers. Let’s wait four years.